Dallas City Council Free For All

The city council of Dallas continues to give money away to developers as an incentive to develop choice pieces of land in the city. This is the most ridiculous strategy I’ve ever heard of. They did it for the Park Lane development going in north of my office and they’re doing it now with the Valencia project. They are going to uproot thousands of people on a piece of land that other developers would probably give their right nut for.

Dallas is going to eventually write a check they can’t cash and then bad things are going to happen. Some day, they’ll promise money to someone that they don’t have and things will get ugly. It will be fun to watch from the safety of Wylie.

Probably what will happen instead is that the voters will wise up, throw the bums out down at City Hall and they’ll start over. When that happens no one knows. Though Jim Schutze has an idea.