I tend to collect a variety of interesting links throughout the week, at least to me. I always think that I’ll post them and write a little about them but in truth, I don’t have that much time and would rather write about things that are more important to me. So I’m going to just start posting 5 or 6 occasionally just to have them out there.

1. The Coming Hyper Inflation. We’re printing money faster than the ink dries. If you think the Fed can handle toning it down when the chain starts to catch on the cog, you’re more optimistic than I am.

2. Why The Left Derided The Tea Parties. It’s on Reason so you have to wade through some of the hyperbole but it has a core of truth that is worth considering.

3. Writing Software is like. . .Writing I have a lot of thoughts on this topic but they haven’t really congealed into any recognizable mass yet. Suffice it to say, the more I think about writing software, the more I think it’s much closer to art than science.

4. Where To Find New Ideas

5. An Introduction To Mindfulness Meditation This is the best intro on the web I’ve seen and the link to A Guided Meditation is a fantastic description of how to begin and end a meditation.

6. Taming Perfectionism I struggle with this a lot, specifically as it concerns writing and developing pet projects at home. Nothing is ever quite good enough. In one of my garden project books, the author was describing how to build an arbor and said “Remember, if you screw up the measurements a little, it’s just a garden project.” I may start applying that to ALL projects.