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Try­ing to think up a title to a blog post before it is writ­ten is exactly back­wards. Often­times, I have no idea what a post is going to be about. I find that I stare at the title field try­ing to fig­ure out what to write about instead of just writ­ing in a dis­cov­ery process. […]

My Diners, Drive-Ins And Dives Addiction

It’s 11 PM on a long Fri­day and I can’t stop watch­ing this show. For one thing, it makes me want to get in a car and drive to 30 or 40 cities try­ing all this food along the way. Tonight, on two dif­fer­ent episodes, Triple D fea­tured restau­rants in Nashville, one a Cajun place […]

Fighting Through

I’ve been star­ing at a blank page for the bet­ter part of an hour. Per­haps the focus is in the wrong place. The Blerch is strong this week for some rea­son and I’m more inclined to con­sume rather than pro­duce. Maybe it’s because I read this post about being insuf­fer­able on Face­book and got paranoid […]

Day 22

Today is 22 days in a row of writ­ing a blog post a day. Com­mon wis­dom, rarely right, says it takes 21 days for form a new habit but things aren’t that easy. The hon­ey­moon phase of a new habit is often short and seems to get shorter as we find our atten­tion divided more […]


One of those nights with noth­ing much to say. I sup­pose over the course of months of writ­ing, that’s not unex­pected but I’d pre­fer it didn’t hap­pen too often. I actu­ally have a cou­ple of posts work­ing but they are tak­ing more effort than I can sum­mon this evening. Venice voted to secede from Italy […]

Not Enough Time (or Energy) In The Day

Sud­denly, it’s 9:30 and you’re not really sure what hap­pened with the day even though you got to mark 5–7 things off an ever increas­ing todo list. That’s what I feel like today. The veg­etable beds got planted and the path­ways around and through them got mulched. That was a good deal of work and […]

On Expectation

Tonight was a pretty good night. The penul­ti­mate work­out of the 2014 Cross­Fit Open was tonight and I sur­passed my goal of 165 reps in 14 min­utes. This is the first Open that I’ve fully par­tic­i­pated in and it’s been a reward­ing expe­ri­ence. It’s inter­est­ing how expec­ta­tions affect our per­cep­tions of both real­ity and our […]

Copping out

14.4 was announced tonight and it’s the first work­out of the Open that I’m pretty sure I won’t fin­ish. I posted on Twit­ter today hop­ing there weren’t any mus­cle ups and now there are 20. Not to men­tion 30 135 pound cleans which might take me 5 min­utes to do. It’s been nice hav­ing 3 […]

On Habit

Doing some­thing, any­thing, 13 days in a row begins to make that thing eas­ier and eas­ier. We are crea­tures of habit. Unfor­tu­nately, we are also crea­tures of lazi­ness and would pre­fer to eat Twinkies and watch TV all day. A good friend of mine is cur­rently on a “Was I lazy today?” chal­lenge where the […]

Web Hosting Fun

This was going to be a post about how I had a pro­duc­tive week­end while not doing any­thing from the todo list. That was until I tried to upload an image, con­tin­u­ally got an HTTP error, decided to google my web host and see if some­thing was up. And as it turns out, some­thing was. […]