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Closures in Clojure and C#

So one of the ways I learn a new lan­guage is to take new things from the new lan­guage and port them back into the old, famil­iar one. Even­tu­ally, I’ll port an entire appli­ca­tion (even though that app may be very small) from the old to the new. I find that I learn things much […]

More Clojure On Windows

I’m slowly work­ing my way through Stu­art Holloway’s Pro­gram­ming Clo­jure book (and using slowly in that phrase does a ter­ri­ble dis­ser­vice to the word) and so far, I’m enjoy­ing it. I had a run at Com­mon Lisp a cou­ple of years ago and ran into a brick wall for the most part (I think football […]

TFS Cheatsheet

Here’s a pretty cool cheat­sheet for Team Foun­da­tion Server Prop­er­ties should you find your­self in the unen­vi­able posi­tion of hav­ing to work with the damn thing. And trust me, I feel your hor­ri­ble, chew­ing on glass kind of pain. Via Cool Thing of the Day

Exiting The REPL In Clojure

When­ever I’m learn­ing a new lan­guage, it always seems like it’s the lit­tle things that drive me mad. With that in mind, I’m going to try and post fixes to the lit­tle things as I make my way through Clo­jure. To that point, I rapidly got tired of clos­ing down the com­mand win­dow and starting […]

Getting Clojure Highlighting With Vim On Windows

Toralf Wit­tner wrote a good syn­tax file for Clo­jure but I had a hell of a time get­ting it to work on Win­dows, mostly because I’m not very smart and/or I didn’t bother to read the doc­u­men­ta­tion for Vim. So sue me. Regard­less, if you want to use Vim to edit Clo­jure scripts on Windows, […]

Getting Clojure Installed On A Windows Machine

This is mostly a pub­lic ser­vice announce­ment, I didn’t find a good list of require­ments any­where else. Yes, I know I must be insane to be try­ing to half-ass learn another lan­guage but what else would I do on Sun­day morn­ings? There’s no foot­ball and the alter­na­tive is hard man­ual labor in the gar­den. Shudder. […]

Launching A Shuttle

When agile just won’t do.

Give Me An Assertion Vasily. One Assertion Only, Please

I was work­ing through some bro­ken unit tests this morn­ing for the project I’m cur­rently on and the sec­ond one in my list looked like this: [Test­Method] pub­lic void SelectTest() { Item item = session.SelectSingle(a => a.SkuNo == _item.SkuNo); Assert.IsTrue(item.Id > 0); Assert.AreEqual(item.Id, _item.Id); Assert.AreEqual(item.IsAutoReplenished, _item.IsAutoReplenished); Assert.AreEqual(item.Status, _item.Status); Assert.AreEqual(item.MaintenanceLevel, _item.MaintenanceLevel); Assert.AreEqual(item.Description, _item.Description); Assert.AreEqual(item.Type, _item.Type); Assert.IsTrue(item.LastAdjustmentDate.HasValue); Assert.AreEqual(item.LastAdjustmentDate.Value.Date, […]

TDD With Python and Pylons

I’ve been doing some devel­op­ment on a web­site using Python and the Pylons web frame­work. I’m try­ing to stay pretty strict with Test Dri­ven Devel­op­ment (TDD) though I run into prob­lems because I’m still a com­plete novice with Pylons and a half-complete novice with Python. In my expe­ri­ence so far, unit tests are mod­er­ately difficult […]

Too Many Functions

Don’t worry about too many func­tions, worry that your code sucks.