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CrossFit Open Prep Day Minus 40

I did not get the fastest start in the world this morn­ing but I sup­pose that’s what week­ends are for a lit­tle bit. In the garage at 7:45 plan­ning to do some strength work and then a met­con. How­ever, ended up going with slightly more strength work plus some skills work at the end. I also out­lined a Goat List of sev­eral things that need ongo­ing work.

I’m using Start­ing Strength as a basis to build up towards the lev­els I need in the main lifts. I moved up to 175 back squat today, the most I’ve done in prob­a­bly a cou­ple of years. I’d plateaued briefly on 165 but now think that was a result of just sev­eral hard days of work­outs more than an actual plateau. 175 was rea­son­ably easy this morn­ing. Remain­ing strength work was cleans, some­thing I’ve been neglect­ing in a big way. I like the move as well as the snatch but just haven’t worked them in much lately. I did a cycle I picked up from Cross­Fit Rock­wall, 5 sets of 8,6,5,3 and 5 reps increas­ing in weight up through the 3 rep set and then drop­ping back. I started at 95 and had more trou­ble with 8 of those than I did with 3 of 125. My meta­bolic con­di­tion­ing is prob­a­bly hold­ing me back some if that’s the case.

In think­ing through goals other than strength, the level tests from Cross­Fit Rock­wall came to mind and they seem like a good ref­er­ence for mea­sur­ing fit­ness and prepa­ra­tion. In the past, I’ve done almost all of the Level 2 so I’m shoot­ing for as many of the Level 3 skills com­pleted before Feb­ru­ary 27th. In look­ing through them in the cold garage this morn­ing, only the 10 sec­ond free­stand­ing hand­stand looked doable so I worked on hand­stands for 5 min­utes. Didn’t actu­ally get to 10 sec­onds but got close sev­eral times. I think that’s doable with just a days work. Lots of the other ones are going to take some dedication.

My diet has been pretty good up until yes­ter­day which involved way too much Crispin cider at lunch and pizza for din­ner with some bour­bon as a night­cap. I woke up this morn­ing aller­gies aflame and I’m pretty sure it had to do as much with diet as any­thing since I wasn’t suf­fer­ing badly in the days pre­ced­ing. My break­fast lately has been a mod­i­fied Bul­let­proof Cof­fee with but­ter, coconut oil, pro­tein pow­der and milk. I seem to stay focused and atten­tive longer with this breakfast.

Tomor­row is tech­ni­cally a rest day but given no met­con today, I may do some­thing short with more skill work.


  1. I have to admit that much of the cross­fit ter­mi­nol­ogy is lost on me. But I am look­ing for gen­tle ways to incor­po­rate more low carb diet choices. Can you say more about Bul­let­proof Cof­fee and your vari­ants? Is that all you have for break­fast? I’ve started hav­ing a pre-boiled egg as my break­fast as a quick and easy low carb choice.

  2. Brett Bim

    January 19, 2014 at 9:52 am

    I wrote up the process into today’s post just for you but yeah, it’s pretty much all I eat other than occa­sion­ally a piece of fruit. It’s about 400 calo­ries or so.

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