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Assorted Interesting Links

I tend to col­lect a vari­ety of inter­est­ing links through­out the week, at least to me. I always think that I’ll post them and write a lit­tle about them but in truth, I don’t have that much time and would rather write about things that are more impor­tant to me. So I’m going to just start post­ing 5 or 6 occa­sion­ally just to have them out there.

1. The Com­ing Hyper Infla­tion. We’re print­ing money faster than the ink dries. If you think the Fed can han­dle ton­ing it down when the chain starts to catch on the cog, you’re more opti­mistic than I am.

2. Why The Left Derided The Tea Par­ties. It’s on Rea­son so you have to wade through some of the hyper­bole but it has a core of truth that is worth considering.

3. Writ­ing Soft­ware is like…Writing I have a lot of thoughts on this topic but they haven’t really con­gealed into any rec­og­niz­able mass yet. Suf­fice it to say, the more I think about writ­ing soft­ware, the more I think it’s much closer to art than science.

4. Where To Find New Ideas

5. An Intro­duc­tion To Mind­ful­ness Med­i­ta­tion This is the best intro on the web I’ve seen and the link to A Guided Med­i­ta­tion is a fan­tas­tic descrip­tion of how to begin and end a meditation.

6. Tam­ing Per­fec­tion­ism I strug­gle with this a lot, specif­i­cally as it con­cerns writ­ing and devel­op­ing pet projects at home. Noth­ing is ever quite good enough. In one of my gar­den project books, the author was describ­ing how to build an arbor and said “Remem­ber, if you screw up the mea­sure­ments a lit­tle, it’s just a gar­den project.” I may start apply­ing that to ALL projects.


  1. I think cod­ing can be art or sci­ence. The best coders are artists at what they do.. where the weaker ones are sci­en­tists. I actu­ally think my writ­ing style is a lot like my cod­ing style which may not be for the best.

  2. Scotch Drinker

    May 1, 2009 at 8:10 am

    That’s the direc­tion I’m drift­ing towards as well. I had a thought the other day that Test Dri­ven Devel­op­ment is a sci­en­tific way to make aver­age devel­op­ers (like me!) into good devel­op­ers. But TDD will never make you into an artist and the very best devel­op­ers I’ve known prob­a­bly couldn’t func­tion using TDD.

  3. Most of us left­ies, and alot of inde­pen­dents as well, thought the tax revolts were rather piti­fully late. Where were they dur­ing the Bush Admin­is­tra­tion when he was run­ning up the tab? Our two par­ties mostly spend sim­i­larly, but Ike was the last GOP Pres­i­dent to be will­ing to pay the nation’s credit card; that, of course, is why we like taxes to be slightly higher.

    Speak­ing of bat­tling with per­fec­tion, I worked for a few months for a com­pany that’s lasted over ten years and gone through VC $mil­lions with­out actu­ally ever quite releas­ing a prod­uct. I guess they keep get­ting money because by now it’s got­ten to be the most awe­some demo you’ve ever seen, but they have $0 in sales in that over a decade.

    There’s a good essay on the MIT VS NJ schools of design, which is about per­fec­tion­ism, and helped me get a good han­dle on this early.

  4. Scotch Drinker

    May 1, 2009 at 3:09 pm

    That’s a fair point, Jon but I don’t think the tea par­ties were entirely about spend­ing. A great deal of anger dealt with bail­ing out firms that were sup­pos­edly too big to fail. Plus, I think we’re talk­ing about an order of mag­ni­tude dif­fer­ence in debt at this point. I’m prob­a­bly being naive but I feel like the tea par­ties were at least par­tially non-partisan. Only time will tell if they amount to any­thing though.

    Vapor­ware, it’s what’s for din­ner. I worked on a project all last year that still hasn’t seen the light of day. Whether it ever will is or not is debatable.

  5. Of course, you guys have a real point to your protest. But, shouldn’t it have started six or seven years ear­lier? I’ve seen alot of cranky pro-tea-party blog­posts and com­ments (not yours, mind you), enough to make me won­der if many tea partiers aren’t a lit­tle annoyed at them­selves for not hav­ing done exactly that.

    Thanks for the pimp-my-swine-flu-mask link!

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