I made some res­o­lu­tions this year and in an attempt to keep them, I’m writ­ing about the progress every month. The first month update was here.

Month two fell behind a lit­tle bit. First the good news: I played enough golf to stay on track for 26 times this year. I don’t seem to be get­ting any bet­ter but I’m hav­ing fun. My Fran time dropped from 9:55 to 9:10 so that’s good. We haven’t done Murph again yet, that only comes up about once every 6 months but based on other exer­cise goals (dead­lift weight is now at 325, yay) I think I’m mak­ing progress there too. I started back up on a Python appli­ca­tion that down­loads and ana­lyzes NBA stats though progress is slow.

Now the bad: Let­ter writ­ing ceased com­pletely. I still haven’t bought a sax though I did bid on one and lost at the last minute so maybe that’s progress. I’m only halfway through my 2nd book though I’m going camp­ing this week­end so maybe I can make some progress there.

Over­all, not a bad start to the res­o­lu­tions but I’m falling far­ther and far­ther behind on some that will be impos­si­ble to catch up on.

In other self improve­ment news, I gave up yelling at stu­pid, rude dri­vers for Lent. This is quite pos­si­bly the hard­est thing I’ve ever done. There are a lot of stu­pid, rude peo­ple dri­ving. Jesus needs to get here fast this year.