So it doesn’t make much sense to me to make res­o­lu­tions for the year and then promptly for­get about them until Decem­ber. With that in mind, I’m going to do monthly updates on my res­o­lu­tions. Over­all, the first month wasn’t bad. I’m pretty behind on the 52 let­ters with only 1 writ­ten so far. I haven’t started play­ing the sax again because I haven’t decided I want to drop the cash on a new one. My exer­cise has been pretty con­sis­tent so I’m def­i­nitely mak­ing progress on the two Cross­Fit goals.

I played golf 3 times in Jan­u­ary so I’m ahead of the game there and I fin­ished the first book of the year, Caen Anvil of Vic­tory which I highly rec­om­mend if you are into mil­i­tary his­tory. It’s a great account of the British bat­tle for Caen after D-Day while the Amer­i­cans moved towards Brit­tany. It’s a lit­tle dif­fi­cult to read because it’s from the British per­spec­tive and so I’m not as famil­iar with many of the terms but over­all, it’s a good book.

I haven’t been writ­ing any Python lately, much less any­thing resem­bling a use­ful appli­ca­tion but I think that will start up soon enough.

Over­all, I’m happy with the progress so far. Hope­fully, I’ll con­tinue to be focused on achiev­ing the resolutions.