I’ve pre­vi­ously done some 2008 navel gaz­ing and now it’s time to pub­licly lay out some res­o­lu­tions for 2009 if for no other rea­son than enjoy­ing humil­i­a­tion. So here they are, in all their bor­ing glory.

  1. Write 52 let­ters. Prob­a­bly will mostly be to family.
  2. Write a novel in Novem­ber.
  3. Start play­ing the sax again.
  4. Do a sub 35 minute Murph.
  5. Do a sub 5 minute Fran.
  6. Play golf 26 times.
  7. Write a real appli­ca­tion in Python.
  8. Read 12 books.

There they are. They span most of my inter­ests right now which keeps them broad and var­ied. Only 1 is really neb­u­lous and that’s the third one. I need to flesh that out a lit­tle with some way of mea­sur­ing whether it’s hap­pen­ing or not. The rest are pretty goal ori­ented which I think is impor­tant to success.

We’ll see what they look like in 12 months.