An Experiment in Scotch

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Drinking And Thinking (In That Order)

Have you ever done some­thing stu­pid after drink­ing 3 or 8 beers? Me nei­ther. Most of my deci­sions that result from 3 or 8 beers are excep­tion­ally insight­ful, often times witty as well, and result in me show­ing off how awe­some I can dance. For exam­ple, I’m pretty sure I decided to run a marathon after a night of drink­ing. I’m sure that if you know me, you can think of many other great deci­sions I made after drinking.

All this leads up to the fact that since no one has ever stopped me from mak­ing excel­lent deci­sions while drink­ing, I decided to write a novel in the month of Novem­ber last night. Yes, I know that this seems like a dumb thing to do when you first look at it but I’m sure that after 30 days of writ­ing at least 1667 words per day on a novel with no cur­rent plot, char­ac­ters or any­thing else really, it will seem like a really smart thing to do. I hope. But I do have a badge (see cool badge in the left hand sidebar.)

Any­way, the point being, I’m telling God and cre­ation that I’m writ­ing a novel in the month of Novem­ber. I have no idea what it’s about yet and in the spirit of the hor­ri­ble stu­dent that I’ve always been, I’m not even going to start on it until Novem­ber 2nd! How dar­ing is that? Wish me luck. Or send me a bot­tle of scotch. I’ll prob­a­bly need both.

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  1. How’s that coming?

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