Monthly Archives: October 2008

First Brisket Temp

We’re in our 8th hour and the brisket is sit­ting on 150. Hope we can get 40 more degrees in 8 more hours. She’s start­ing to look good though and def­i­nitely seems juicy.

Trouble In BBQ Land

Hav­ing trou­ble keep­ing the temps in the range I want tonight for some rea­son and I’m hop­ing that doesn’t spell trou­ble with a cap­i­tal T for this poor brisket. Didn’t help that I fell asleep for a lit­tle while only to wake up and find the temps down around 160. Back up to 253 at […]

Virtual Brisket

Now there’s a man after my own heart. I love see­ing what other peo­ple do with their brisket. I’d never to so such lengths but it’s pretty cool.

First Turn

Turned the brisket at 9:30, about 15 min­utes late but I was on the phone with my par­ents. Didn’t get the mop started until just now so it will be another 30 min­utes before I get it mopped. Also had a lit­tle episode where my timer wasn’t on and the temp got up to 318 […]

So It Begins

The brisket is room tem­per­a­ture and hap­pily rubbed down with secret stuff. The coals are hot. The smoker is 219 degrees mov­ing towards 235. The hick­ory chunks are pre­pared. It’s time to start smok­ing. 14 pound brisket, 8 PM start time, so that baby should be done tomor­row morn­ing around 10:30 or so. Then the […]

Windows 7

So will Vista be the 21st century’s Win­dows ME now that Win­dows 7 is looming?

TDD With Python and Pylons

I’ve been doing some devel­op­ment on a web­site using Python and the Pylons web frame­work. I’m try­ing to stay pretty strict with Test Dri­ven Devel­op­ment (TDD) though I run into prob­lems because I’m still a com­plete novice with Pylons and a half-complete novice with Python. In my expe­ri­ence so far, unit tests are mod­er­ately difficult […]

Too Many Functions

Don’t worry about too many func­tions, worry that your code sucks.


The more pro­gram­mers I work with and the more code I read, the more I real­ize that every­one has their own unwrit­ten style guide­lines in their head for writ­ing code. Some peo­ple are more self-consistent than oth­ers in their imple­men­ta­tion of their style guide­lines but it seems that most peo­ple at least have some semblance […]

No More TV For You, Old Person