This is mostly a pub­lic ser­vice announce­ment, I didn’t find a good list of require­ments any­where else. Yes, I know I must be insane to be try­ing to half-ass learn another lan­guage but what else would I do on Sun­day morn­ings? There’s no foot­ball and the alter­na­tive is hard man­ual labor in the gar­den. Shudder.

That’s really it, I expected it to be more work but using the bina­ries over the source sim­pli­fied the process even though I went ahead and installed Maven too. The Get­ting Started page has some links to VIM and Emacs syn­tax files that will prob­a­bly help your edit­ing a lot. I may try to do some of the ini­tial work in VIM as well as Komodo and see which I prefer.