Good System, Bad System

Where Starbucks (and a lot of other companies who started out small and cool and became big and ridiculous) went wrong? A great read on how to provide excellent customer service which is THE KEY to business success as far as I’m concerned.

You’re Doing It Wrong If

How many ways are you doing it wrong? I think I count a definite five and possibly up to seven ways. Does Linq to SQL count as an ORM? No, I didn’t think so. Anyway, I think I’m going to start reading blogs about Teletubbies. They probably never tell me how wrong I am and aren’t nearly as depressing to read.

Note to my non-technical audience: I apologize for all the recent tech related blogging. I know it’s not what you come here for (though other than those of you who feel compelled to come here because you don’t want me to ask you if you’ve read my blog today when you haven’t, you know who you are), it’s just that I seem to be writing about what I’m doing a lot of these days and that’s driving to work, doing a bunch of work related things, going home and thinking about work (except on Friday nights and all day Saturday, I should blog more then) and then doing it all again the next day.

Anyway, hopefully you’ll stick around for my witty ways of writing about technology. Ahem. Or maybe you’ll just stick around because you feel compelled to. I’m OK with that.

The Daily Palliative: A Cautionary Tale

Goodbye Illusion Of Free Will, I Hardly Knew Ye

Hey poor people of LA, you’re getting too fat eating the only damn food you can afford so us liberal elites of LA will start telling you what you can fucking eat. Oh and we’re gonna ban plastic bags too, just because we can.

This stuff makes me angry. Let’s see, which is worse, allowing people to CHOOSE to get fat because we’ve fixed the problem of starvation and hunger for people with at least a little bit of money or FORCING people to be hungry again by outlawing fast food in poor neighborhoods just so we can fix obesity?

Idiots. The apocalypse is coming, I swear to god, it’s coming and it’s driven by liberals meddling in issues they just don’t seem to understand.

The Difference Between Developers and Hackers

Writ large. Funny thing is, it seems like a lot of times, developers have to become hackers because of artificial restrictions on their ability to interact with honest-to-god users of the software they are supposed to be developing.

Note: Hacker is used here in the Paul Graham sense, not the break into your computer and FUBAR your life sense.

Today’s Fun Spam Headlines

Monkey Shoots Trainer With Tranquilizer

Drunken Man Caught Humping Goat

I’m starting to look forward to my spam folder every morning because they seem to get more and more creative all the time. One came in yesterday that was rather profane, dealing with furry kittens and roosters mostly, but also involving a fresh bowl of oats. You know, in case you like your furry kittens and roosters in oatmeal. Or vice versa. Whatever.

The Daily Palliative: Five Hot Dogs That Will Kill You

Making Testing Easier

The latest edition of Testing on the Toilet linked above gave me an idea on how to streamline the tests we’ve been writing. In our presenter and model tests, we have a ton of mocking noise and boilerplate code that has to be written on every test class. Here’s an example:

In every test class, we create MockRepository, create the necessary dynamic mocks and set up the exact same expectations on the navigation context class. It gets pretty painful after time and adds quite a bit of unnecessary code to all the test classes. So, it seems like a perfectly ripe situation for moving all that to a base class that every test class can inherit from.

Here’s the base class:

All the mocking code and setup is moved into an abstract class using generics to greatly simplify the creation of objects. Once that’s done, we only have to extend this original test class like so:

All the setup and teardown is moved to the base class making our test classes just about the tests without all the mocking noise. This makes the test code base much more stable and readable over time as well as making test writing a lot easier because all the boilerplate code is gone.

Testing Planetary Death Rays

Google tells you how. The example is in Java but could be extended to C# easily.

McCain Comes Out Swinging

McCain hits hard.

Taste Of Home Plug

If you’re ever in the Wylie metro area, you should check out Taste Of Home restaurant which is a local, home grown spot that has nice charm and good food. I was going to write a review but decided it sounded lame and boring. Just go eat there, it’s good. Mom’s meat loaf is highly recommended and the Almond crusted tilapia is tasty as well. The sweet tea is a little suspect for a southern restaurant but it’s not the worst stuff I’ve had.

When Senility Leads To Disappointment

So a bunch of the people I work with also have blogs and one friendly soul did a mash-up (I think that’s the correct term but I’m so hopelessly, terribly unhip, I could just be making that up) of them all so that you could monitor just one link in your RSS feed. Today, after a long afternoon of chasing puppies, I hit Google reader to see what the world was up to and saw that our Mashup had one post. I got excited, thinking I was going to read a post by someone about . . .well about something. But hey, it was going to be something. So I dutifully clicked the link and realized that that one post was from me and that I had forgotten that I had posted.

This is the sad life I lead.