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The F*ckhead Pattern

While we’re dis­cussing hir­ing, I inter­viewed lots of peo­ple who learned Eng­lish as a sec­ond or third lan­guage but I never had any­thing this funny hap­pen in an interview.

Becoming Arthur Miller

So Steve Yegge has graced us with another post tome huge honkin’ bunch of loosely asso­ci­ated words chock full of spin off ideas. The gist of said words is that Joel Spolsky’s “Smart and Gets Things Done” is a really great way to hire clones of your­self but that for var­i­ous rea­sons (namely that you […]

Out On A Limb

Ok, so it’s June, the elec­tion is in 5 months-ish and there­fore, it’s time for me to make my pre­dic­tion. On one hand, we’ve had 8 years of Repub­li­can lead­er­ship which makes it seem like maybe the coun­try is ready for a change. On the other hand, you’ve got a Demo­c­ra­tic can­di­date who is young […]

These Are The People Democrats Want To Run Healthcare

Amen Brother, amen. If you can’t run a bloody cafe­te­ria, how in the hell do you sup­pose you can run the health indus­try in this coun­try? Lord, we’ve elected some weiners.

RIP, Jim McKay 1921–2008

The sports world lost one of its lumi­nar­ies this week when Jim McKay, long­time ABC sports­caster, passed away. I always remem­ber his lines from the Wide World of Sports that I watched a lot when I was a kid and he car­ried him­self with more com­po­sure than most men could hope for when he covered […]

Not Being a Sheep

How in the world does one man stab 17 peo­ple? This would never hap­pen in the south­ern US and it cer­tainly would never hap­pen in Texas. If some lunatic plowed a 2 ton rented truck into pedes­tri­ans and then jumped out and started stab­bing peo­ple, at least one per­son would pull out a gun and […]

The Ultimate Geek Friday Night

Seri­ously, what could be bet­ter than pizza ordered online while sit­ting at the com­puter and code?

You Really Want The Leftmost Button or Possibly No Button At All

Have you ever watched some­one repeat­edly do some­thing over and over again even though it didn’t do what he thought it did? Like in The Princess Bride when Vizzini kept say­ing things were incon­ceiv­able even though those very things had already in fact hap­pened and thus, could not by any def­i­n­i­tion of the word be […]


I haven’t read Cod­ing Hor­ror in a long time but I was going through my badly neglected RSS feeds tonight and ran into Strong Opin­ions, Weakly Held and it really struck a chord with some­thing I’ve been giv­ing some thought to for quite awhile. It’s a deep dark secret I’ve got, one I’ve been harboring […]