Ran across a fun one this morn­ing and thought I’d offer my find­ings up to the Google god in case oth­ers out there suf­fer from the same afflic­tion. We’ve got all our inter­faces in one assem­bly and all our WCF ser­vices that imple­ment said inter­faces in another assem­bly. I rolled out some changes this morn­ing and then tried to hit the ser­vices. Unfor­tu­nately, I started get­ting System.TypeLoadException assert­ing that “Method X in type Y from assem­bly Z does not have an imple­men­ta­tion.” Except that it did have an implementation.

After an hour of frus­tra­tion and bang­ing my head against my key­board chant­ing “But my method DOES have an imple­men­ta­tion” which only served to give me a headache, I ran across this forum post that says the compiler/linker some­times gets its panties in a wad and that I should try doing a full rebuild instead of just a build. I gave that a try, rolled out the ser­vices and whad­daya know, it worked.

If only they were all that easy.