Signs of the Apocalypse

At my previous job, one of my co-workers was kind of a conspiracy theorist ala Dale from King of the Hill. He was sure the black helicopters would be sweeping in over the horizon any day and he was always ready to repel them for as long as he could. Now, I’m all about self-sufficiency and being prepared for all kinds of scenarios that will probably never happen (just ask my wife…on second thought, nix that). But I always just assumed that guy was crazy.

Then I read stories like this where the S.W.A.T. team was sent in to take an 11-year old child away from a family for court ordered medical treatment that ended up being completely unnecessary. Really? A S.W.A.T. team? What the fuck is the matter with our country? This is the logical conclusion to the ongoing militarization of our police forces. If you give people in power more power, chances are they will find a reason to use it. This is a disgusting overreach of power and people ought to lose their jobs over it.

We live in a country that was supposedly founded on life, LIBERTY and the pursuit of happiness along with a few other useful concepts (check out the First, Second and Fourth Amendments, specifically) and having S.W.A.T. bust into a home to take out an 11-year old child goes against all of that. The ongoing nannification of our society as well as the militarization of our police will eventually be the downfall of said society. That once seemed like so much hyperbole but the more I read about grossly inappropriate use of S.W.A.T, the more I wonder. Between wrong house raids and idiotic uses of S.W.A.T, you have to wonder what the state of individual rights is coming to in this country.

5 thoughts on “Signs of the Apocalypse

  1. Wait, we have rights? Why wasn’t I informed???

    Get your .22 shells, 12gauge shells, cigarrets and liquor ready… 😉

  2. I think that first one is also a reflection of the state of Child Protective Services. Being grossly understaffed, overstretched and underfunded can lead to terrible mistakes and decisions, such as sending a SWAT team to save a boy from a bruise or overlooking children stuffed in a closet.

    However, those other two.. hooo boy.

  3. This is the logical conclusion

    Oh, I think there is a lot of logic to go before we get to where we can even start looking for the conclusion.

  4. Yeah, I’m not stockpiling any of that yet but if the state of affairs around this country get much worse, I might. I have enough to last me if I had to go to the hills but trading it as currency might be pretty useful. 🙂

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