Random Update

I haven’t felt much like doing anything lately, much less writing so it’s been quiet around the Experiment. However, I think things are turning around as the days are getting longer, I’m starting to exercise again and I start a new job today. So go me. I’m coming up with my New Year’s Resolutions + 15 days and I’ll probably write about those soon. Do you have any resolutions? Is it a regular thing? Does it ever work?

I’m pretty nervous and anxious about the new job but it should be a good one so once I work through the first week or so, those feelings should start to subside.

We had a good Christmas and I’ll write about that later as well.

4 thoughts on “Random Update

  1. I’ve never made a list per se, but usually there is a general feeling–probably due to the post-holiday funk and spending regrets–of a need to find a problem so that there will be something to resolve. This year – give back more, smile more, exercise, try yoga, get more sun. Where’s your list, Brett?
    By the way – Welcome to Improving!

  2. I don’t have a list yet this year and even having a list is reasonably new to me. One of the benefits of having the list is to actually post it somewhere so you can always remember.

    That said, my list-to-be that’s in my head consists of improving my meditation habits, my yoga habits and my running habits. Also, I want to do some sort of Project 365 where you do a particular thing each day, like take a photo or write a blog post. I’m just not sure yet what it’s going to be.

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