Josh Hancock’s dad is suing the restau­rant that served his son the alco­hol before he got in the car and rear-ended a tow truck. He’s also suing the tow truck dri­ver and the dri­ver of the stalled truck the tow truck was help­ing. It’s impor­tant to note that Josh Han­cock had a blood alco­hol con­tent almost twice the legal limit, he was dri­ving with­out a seat belt while talk­ing on his cell phone and they found mar­i­juana in his car.

For­give me if I find this appar­ent gold-digging dis­gust­ing. If I ever kill myself after ingest­ing alco­hol for 3 hours and any mem­ber of my fam­ily tries to sue the peo­ple who facil­i­tated me (not to men­tion the peo­ple unfor­tu­nate enough to be in my way while not wear­ing a seat­belt and talk­ing on a cell phone with a joint), I swear I will come back and haunt you till your dying day. I am respon­si­ble for my own choices and if I choose to get smashed, drive fast with no seat belt on while I talk on a cell phone and smoke a joint, you can just say good rid­dance and thanks for clean­ing out the gene pool.

When did it become ok to blame every­one else for your own (or your son’s own) stupidity?

In other “ath­letes are idiots” news, Clin­ton Por­tis said Michael Vick is get­ting rail­roaded (even though no charges have been filed) and that if he wanted to fight his dog on his prop­erty, it’s his busi­ness appar­ently neglect­ing the fact that it’s a damn felony. The NFL and the taste­lessly named Wash­ing­ton Red­skins imme­di­ately started issu­ing apolo­gies. I’ve always main­tained it helps to be stu­pid to achieve your poten­tial in sports because it allows you to focus on only one thing. I just wish the ath­letes would stop prov­ing me wrong.