Appar­ently, in parts of west­ern India, wives are rented by their hus­bands to other men on a month-to-month basis because of short­age of avail­able mar­ri­able women. As always, the law of sup­ply and demand shows up. This sad state of affairs (heh) is brought about by fam­i­lies hav­ing a ten­dency to abort female fetuses since males are pre­sum­ably pre­ferred, a sit­u­a­tion that China also faces. How­ever, given the choice between a healthy daugh­ter and a future head case of a son who either can’t get mar­ried or has to rent another man’s wife, I’ll take the daugh­ter any time.

Fur­ther proof that screw­ing with Nature is an inher­ently bad idea.

Props: Tyler at Mar­ginal Revolution