An Experiment in Scotch

"I write to discover what I believe." Michael Lopp on Twitter

Month: January 2006

It seems to be offi­cial now. My muse has gone on extended vaca­tion and hasn't much inter­est in return­ing in the forsee­able future. I'm not sure why this hap­pened, or even when really. How does one con­vince one's muse to return from the south of France to Wylie? Prob­a­bly with lots of hard work and dis­ci­pline, two qual­i­ties I'm not sure I have to invest in this here online jour­nal. Writ­ing isn't easy and it takes prac­tice. I don't remem­ber the last time I actu­ally prac­ticed any­thing, much less writing.

I guess I'll keep mulling it over, beats doing any­thing about it.

In other news, I'm now a Wig­gly Worm. Ahem. So many com­ments, so lit­tle time.

In the direct repu­da­tion of my lat­est com­ments on the improve­ment of the species lead­ing to more bor­ing and less funny Dar­win awards, we have the case of the man in New Mex­ico who tried to burn a mouse, only to have the mouse exact his dying revenge by high tail­ing it into the man's house while burn­ing to death and set­ting his drapes on fire, lead­ing to the com­plete destruc­tion of said house.

Details can be found here. Thank good­ness, my real­is­tic (some say pes­simistic) view of mankind is restored and I can write off this year's Dar­win awards as an aberration.

Fark's best Pho­to­shop images of 2005 is up.

The 2005 Dar­win Awards are out. Is it just me or does it seem like we're get­ting bet­ter at this Dar­win Awards, as a species I mean? All of this year's awards are pretty tame com­pared to oth­ers we've had in the past. Maybe there really is some­thing to this selec­tion bit.

Or maybe it's just all so much Intel­li­gent Design.