The Blood Moon and Inflation

Last night at around 3 AM I watched the blood moon eclipse from the back­yard. It was a fas­ci­nat­ing expe­ri­ence that felt pri­mal as if I were liv­ing 400 years ear­lier when an occur­rence of a total eclipse would have been some­thing peo­ple revered or even feared. Watch­ing the moon go dark would have been a form of enter­tain­ment, one seem­ingly sim­ple in our envi­ron­ment of con­stant enter­tain­ment. It was a clear night last night, per­fect for star gaz­ing. The coy­otes were prowl­ing off in the dis­tance and twice became quite vocal. The hunt­ing was prob­a­bly good for the preda­tors last night even with the moon eclipsed as it was very bright. At about 2 AM, when the moon in three quar­ter eclipse, a night bird flew over my head at about 10 feet. He made no noise and was above me and gone almost before it reg­is­tered. It reminded me of the scene in The Orchard Keeper when the owl claims the cat.

I thought about the inter­ac­tion of the earth’s and moon’s move­ments last night. My men­tal model still isn’t right for the sea­sonal changes of the earth but I think I have a good idea how the earth’s rota­tion and rev­o­lu­tion affect things like lunar eclipses. It’s quiet at 3 AM (at least when you view the eclipse alone, appar­ently some friends had their kids up and it was more like a slum­ber party) and easy to think. With the chill, there weren’t any bugs to worry about and it was a peace­ful event.

Speak­ing of chill, Mother Nature again decided to mock global warm­ing by send­ing a cold front with freez­ing tem­per­a­tures into the area well past aver­age freeze date. Lows were right at 32 though likely colder out in the more rural areas includ­ing our house beyond the con­crete jun­gle. We cov­ered all the sen­si­tive veg­gies last night with an assort­ment of tools. They will remain cov­ered into tomor­row as the temps are near 35 tomor­row night as well. The squash and toma­toes were just start­ing to really dig in and grow. Hope­fully, this will not be a sig­nif­i­cant setback.

Prices of meats, poul­try, fish and eggs rose 4 per­cent in Feb­ru­ary com­pared to a year ear­lier but of course, the gov­ern­ment says there’s no infla­tion in the Con­sumer Price Index. Thank­fully, choco­late chip cook­ies and sugar are both down over 7%, a sign of our mis­guided nutri­tional sys­tem. We don’t worry too much about those silly volatile items like food and energy even though those are the prices the poor and mid­dle class are most affected by. It’s yet another way the oli­garchy becomes more pow­er­ful. Prices are affected by the ongo­ing wide­spread drought along with a virus that is killing piglets on farms across the coun­try. The drought isn’t some­thing within our con­trol but of course, our increas­ingly indus­tri­al­ized mod­ern farm­ing sys­tem eas­ily could be exac­er­bat­ing a swine epi­demic. Pigs are raised on often inhu­mane envi­ron­ments and an out­break could metas­ta­size. Because it’s a virus, our nor­mal pro­ce­dures of throw­ing antibi­otics at the prob­lem will be inef­fec­tive. Just one more way mod­ern agri­cul­ture weak­ens our food sup­ply. Too much same­ness and effi­ciency results in fragility and sus­cep­ti­bil­ity to black swan events. Our con­fi­dence in our own abil­ity to cir­cum­vent Mother Nature on a large scale leads to greater prob­lems. Per­haps the blood moon will sig­nify the return of the rain gods and lessen the drought in a mean­ing­ful way.

Consistency Is Hard

One thing I’ve learned from try­ing to write every day for 40 odd days is that it’s very hard to do. Even if you aren’t par­tic­u­larly wor­ried about qual­ity (and it’s clear I’m not), doing any­thing other than eat­ing and breath­ing for 40 days in a row is dif­fi­cult. Other things get in the way […]

Falling Out of Rhythm

The days seem to be get­ting shorter and I don’t find time to write. Today there was plenty of time but I chose to spend it watch­ing the Mas­ters. I’m ok with that trade­off. I wrote my grand­mother a let­ter tonight so all in all, I fig­ure it’s a net positive.

On Garage Sales

I find the inter­sec­tion of human behav­ior and garage sales fas­ci­nat­ing. I men­tion this only because I just had one this week­end where I made a whole $46 dol­lars before sub­tract­ing expenses. I watched 5 peo­ple open the lid on a wash­ing machine as if what they saw inside told them the value of said […]


Today it rained all day which for this time of year shouldn’t be that out of the ordi­nary but we’ve been so dry for so long that it’s a wel­come change. Won’t make a dent in the lake being 13 feet low but at least the sprin­klers don’t have to run tomor­row. We saw the […]

I’ve Got Nothing

It’s been one of those weeks that involves 55 hour work weeks, a pos­ses­sions purge that will involve most of Sat­ur­day and 5 days of allergy related mis­ery. Today is the first day in 6 that I haven’t been a mouth breather. I think I have con­clu­sively proven to myself that gluten, espe­cially in the […]

CrossFit Open Recap

Back in Jan­u­ary, I signed up for the Cross­Fit Open. I wasn’t too sure I was going to be able to per­form all the exer­cises after com­ing up against a snatch lad­der in 2013 in the very first work­out that I couldn’t do. Still, I was look­ing for­ward to the chal­lenge and hav­ing a goal […]

Overtime Haiku

Work­ing twelve hour days Leaves lit­tle time to reflect on Lenten challenge

The Cryptic Facebook Cliffhanger

I think some peo­ple treat Face­book like it’s a prayer chain. Maybe Face­book is the mod­ern day incar­na­tion of a prayer chain but some peo­ple seem to have the Face­book prayer chain on speed dial. If I worked on a prayer chain and the same 4 peo­ple called every other day, I’d begin to think […]


Try­ing to think up a title to a blog post before it is writ­ten is exactly back­wards. Often­times, I have no idea what a post is going to be about. I find that I stare at the title field try­ing to fig­ure out what to write about instead of just writ­ing in a dis­cov­ery process. […]