On Naming A Cat

With def­er­ence to Eliot
And that Mis­ter Mistof­felees
Can you choose to name your cat
A sobri­quet like Socrates?
Or maybe since there is a cat
Already in the house who’s named
Vin­cent, you fig­ure surely that
Picasso for the newly tamed.
His eyes are blue like oceans bay
So you could call him Frankie, too.
He croons and purrs both night and day
And seems to get a kick outta you.
But if T.S were truly right
And two monikers are required
The pres­sure weighs and causes fright
In hope­less tur­moil I am mired.
A name is fixed and per­ma­nent
For­ever by it he will go.
I’ll hope for help from heaven sent
Bar­ring that I’ll just call him Mo.

On A Longer Fast

As I men­tioned in my Lenten 2015 post, I kicked things off with a 48 hour fast, my longest one yet. I had pre­vi­ously done a 24 and a 36 hour fast but most of the stud­ies out there point to the min­i­mum nec­es­sary as 48 hours (and the stem cell regen­er­a­tion stuff is saying […]

Lent 2015

I don’t have a lot of tra­di­tions but Lent seems to be a con­sis­tent one that I uphold. For me it’s a jour­ney of both sac­ri­fice and growth. I give some­thing up to expe­ri­ence the sac­ri­fice inher­ent to the orig­i­nal Lent and I try to find some­thing cre­ative to do each day as a way […]

On Exporting Deflation

Return­ing to our char­ac­ters of a few weeks ago, we remem­ber that Bob and his coun­try had increased the sup­ply of waf­fles thus mak­ing the export of Bob’s organic grass-fed but­ter cheaper. This hap­pens because other coun­tries like Nigel’s can now get more waf­fles on the pas­try cur­rency mar­ket and can buy more of Bob’s […]

What I’ve Been Reading

Part of my morn­ing com­mute usu­ally involves catch­ing up on Twit­ter and most recently the finan­cial infor­ma­tion com­ing out of Zero Hedge along with a cou­ple of other sources from Maudlin Eco­nom­ics. Many of these arti­cles prob­a­bly don’t war­rant a full blog post but I thought I might start aggre­gat­ing them on Sun­day morn­ings with […]

On Maintenance And Repair

When I was a kid, not so many years ago geo­log­i­cally speak­ing, I found a .22 rifle in the barn at my grand­par­ents farm. It didn’t really work and it was hard for me to ascer­tain exactly why given my rudi­men­tary gun­smith skills as a 13 year old. But I didn’t have a .22 rifle […]

On Defining Goals

I recently read an arti­cle in Gar­den & Gun (an excel­lent mag­a­zine if you love the cul­ture of the South) on three women who returned to their fam­ily farm to make a liv­ing off what they could grow and cre­ate from their own labors. One of the women was a musi­cian who had strug­gled through […]

On Understanding Currency Wars

Imag­ine if you will the fol­low­ing sce­nario: Nigel lives in the Land of Peo­ple with Below Aver­age Den­tal Hygiene (LOPWBADH). Bob lives in a neigh­bor­ing coun­try, the Land of Guns and Large Bor­der Fences (LOGALBF). Both Nigel and Bob own dairies. Nigel makes excep­tion­ally good clot­ted cream in his dairy while Bob makes organic grass […]

Easy Summer Breakfast

It’s the height of tomato sea­son around here and we’re over­whelmed with toma­toes. I may or may not have over­planted this year but I just picked a pound of yel­low pear toma­toes and there are more on the vines. With that kind of pro­duc­tion, you have to find inter­est­ing ways to eat more toma­toes. I […]

The Blood Moon and Inflation

Last night at around 3 AM I watched the blood moon eclipse from the back­yard. It was a fas­ci­nat­ing expe­ri­ence that felt pri­mal as if I were liv­ing 400 years ear­lier when an occur­rence of a total eclipse would have been some­thing peo­ple revered or even feared. Watch­ing the moon go dark would have been […]