Easy Summer Breakfast

It’s the height of tomato sea­son around here and we’re over­whelmed with toma­toes. I may or may not have over­planted this year but I just picked a pound of yel­low pear toma­toes and there are more on the vines. With that kind of pro­duc­tion, you have to find inter­est­ing ways to eat more toma­toes. I came up with this recipe after read­ing an arti­cle in Gar­den & Gun regard­ing black cherry heir­loom toma­toes. It’s an easy break­fast or lunch. Depend­ing on your pro­tein choice and your Paleo inter­pre­ta­tion, you could call it Paleo though I used cot­tage cheese which might make some people’s toes curl.

Sauteed Heir­loom Toma­toes and Onions
Some olive oil
1 onion chopped
Cherry or pear tomoa­toes, a hand­ful per serv­ing
Torn basil
Fresh cracked pep­per
sea salt
A pro­tein of your own choos­ing. I used cot­tage cheese but this would be good on eggs, left­over chicken or black beans.

Heat the oil in a cast iron pan over medium heat. Saute the onions until slightly soft. Add the toma­toes, salt and pep­per and saute for just a minute or so. You aren’t try­ing to cre­ate sauce, just get them to release the fla­vor a lit­tle. Add the basil and remove from the heat. Put your pro­tein in a bowl and top with the toma­toes, onions and basil mixture.

The Blood Moon and Inflation

Last night at around 3 AM I watched the blood moon eclipse from the back­yard. It was a fas­ci­nat­ing expe­ri­ence that felt pri­mal as if I were liv­ing 400 years ear­lier when an occur­rence of a total eclipse would have been some­thing peo­ple revered or even feared. Watch­ing the moon go dark would have been […]

Consistency Is Hard

One thing I’ve learned from try­ing to write every day for 40 odd days is that it’s very hard to do. Even if you aren’t par­tic­u­larly wor­ried about qual­ity (and it’s clear I’m not), doing any­thing other than eat­ing and breath­ing for 40 days in a row is dif­fi­cult. Other things get in the way […]

Falling Out of Rhythm

The days seem to be get­ting shorter and I don’t find time to write. Today there was plenty of time but I chose to spend it watch­ing the Mas­ters. I’m ok with that trade­off. I wrote my grand­mother a let­ter tonight so all in all, I fig­ure it’s a net positive.

On Garage Sales

I find the inter­sec­tion of human behav­ior and garage sales fas­ci­nat­ing. I men­tion this only because I just had one this week­end where I made a whole $46 dol­lars before sub­tract­ing expenses. I watched 5 peo­ple open the lid on a wash­ing machine as if what they saw inside told them the value of said […]


Today it rained all day which for this time of year shouldn’t be that out of the ordi­nary but we’ve been so dry for so long that it’s a wel­come change. Won’t make a dent in the lake being 13 feet low but at least the sprin­klers don’t have to run tomor­row. We saw the […]

I’ve Got Nothing

It’s been one of those weeks that involves 55 hour work weeks, a pos­ses­sions purge that will involve most of Sat­ur­day and 5 days of allergy related mis­ery. Today is the first day in 6 that I haven’t been a mouth breather. I think I have con­clu­sively proven to myself that gluten, espe­cially in the […]

CrossFit Open Recap

Back in Jan­u­ary, I signed up for the Cross­Fit Open. I wasn’t too sure I was going to be able to per­form all the exer­cises after com­ing up against a snatch lad­der in 2013 in the very first work­out that I couldn’t do. Still, I was look­ing for­ward to the chal­lenge and hav­ing a goal […]

Overtime Haiku

Work­ing twelve hour days Leaves lit­tle time to reflect on Lenten challenge

The Cryptic Facebook Cliffhanger

I think some peo­ple treat Face­book like it’s a prayer chain. Maybe Face­book is the mod­ern day incar­na­tion of a prayer chain but some peo­ple seem to have the Face­book prayer chain on speed dial. If I worked on a prayer chain and the same 4 peo­ple called every other day, I’d begin to think […]